Thursday, January 27, 2011

Freshmen -- Steinbeck Style Episode Opening

A shadow covers the corner of the room, taking the shape of tree branches stretching as if trying to reach the other side. Curtains drape over the windows, covering only half, while the vast sky can be seen from the other side. A light blue carpet covers the floor of the room, and the dark blue walls complement the color. A queen size bed stands in the center, taking up most of the floor space, and it provides a perimeter which is formed along the bottom and the sides. Two bureaus stand on either side of the bed, stretching towards the ceiling. The shelves are full of golden trophies, which glimmer when the sun’s light hits them. Pictures of one’s childhood stand out, and each one recalls an outrageous memory. Sap drips from some of the windows, as a great tree hangs over part of the roof. A sports themed lamp illuminates the room, and a silver alarm clock counts down the minutes of the day. Two doors face the bed, and inside, tons of clothes and jackets hang from the long wooden pole that stretches across. A large light hangs overhead, as if it were keeping watch of everything in the room. There is a door on the other side of this room, and once opened, it reveals a long balcony, stretching the length of half the house. Suddenly, the door opens and a strong breeze whips into the room. A tall man strolls in, with muddy shoes, a ladder, and leaves covering his entire body. The gutter was finally clean.

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